Shoes By Dr. Kordi

Shoes By Dr. Kordi

Relax and Comfortable Feet with Dr. Kordi Shoes

This complex has been active for many years in the Iranian shoe industry upon efforts and endeavors of Dr. kordi brothers and under management of Dr. Hassan Kordi.
Having used advanced tools, according to the technology of the day and also experienced and skilled personnel this complex is ready to meet the needs of customers with high production capacity.
We hope that we will be able whilst gaining the satisfaction of you dears, to cover all tastes by the most modern and up to date designing and prove our claim in action .


Address and Phones:

Factory: Tehran, Jadeh Saveh, Chehar Dange Industrial City, 20th Street. No 12 Phone: 021-55255861-3

Narmak Store: Tehran, Narmak, Samangan Street, Cheharrahe Golbarg, No. 385 Phone: 77939632

Chaloos Store: Chaloos, After 8th Line, Next to Sard Abrood Bridge. Phones: 0191-2257534, 0191-2257708 ~ 0191-2257710


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Relax & Comfortable with Dr. Kordi Shoes
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